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You have a choice of THREE of the following articles. You will need to choose TWO regular articles and ONE "Question of the Month" article.


1. The Smallest Repair Could Make the Biggest Difference.  "To avoid turning away potential buyers, you should take a very critical and impartial look at your home—both the inside and the outside. If you were considering buying your home, what would you want repaired before you signed the contract?..."

2. Ensuring a Thorough Final Walkthrough.  "If the sale was contingent on any repairs, replacements or remodeling tasks, make sure you check to see that those items have been completed to your satisfaction. If not, you’ll need to alert your agent so that those issues can be taken care of before closing..."

3. Reverse Mortgages: Cashing in on Your Equity.  "To qualify for a reverse mortgage, the borrower must be at least 62 years old, live in the home and have most of their existing mortgage paid off. Also, the borrower must go through an income and assets verification process to show that they will be able to pay property taxes and insurance..."

4. How to Decide on the Length of Your New Loan.  "Generally, the shorter the term is, the lower the interest rate will be. The spread between interest rates can be quite dramatic, although some differences—such as between a 15-year fixed-rate and a 10-year fixed-rate—may be less. Your rate will also depend on your credit and the type of loan you get..."


1. Question of the Month: What Can We Do About Our Small Kitchen?  "We live in an older house that has a very small kitchen and I'm afraid it's going to be a turn-off to potential buyers when we list our home for sale this summer. Is there anything we can do?..."

2. Question of the Month: What Is Considered a Good Credit Score?  "I just found out my FICO credit score, but what does that number mean? I know that it's a pretty good score, but how will that help me get a lower interest rate or better terms on my new loan?..."

The regular articles are 425-470 words long and the "Question of the Month" articles are 225-250 words long. All content is written by us and are original articles.

The rate for the usage of our articles—sold as a 3-pack—is $29.99. The cost is per individual user (the articles cannot be shared between multiple agents, brokers, etc.). The content cannot be re-used or transferred to another party for their use.


2 Regular Articles and 1 "Question of the Month" Article

$29.99 per user

Since the usage of the articles is strictly regulated and copyrighted, only we can make edits or changes to the articles. However, we are more than happy to make whatever changes you'd like upon request.

The articles can be used for all of your marketing needs including print, online, social media, etc., but we do ask that you attribute the articles to us, with "© Left Field Media" being placed at the bottom of each article (small font is acceptable).

We take great pride in our customer service. We respond quickly and efficiently to all queries and we will go out of our way to make sure you are happy with your content!



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